I am a programmer and music producer from the UK, currently studying Music Technology at the University of Huddersfield. Excited by all things technology and music, I am constantly pushing myself to improve my skills in new areas of creative work.

Since I first started with FL Studio and Logic, I have gained years of experience writing, recording and producing music in many different genres including rock, dance, ambient, IDM and drum & bass. My musical endeavors include writing and performing guitar and vocals with Resist in Retrospect, learning classical guitar to grade 5 standard, playing guitar / bass in my school’s big band, writing music for film and video, and releasing my own music as Toxic Tom.

Coding projects including creating games since childhood, have given me a solid understanding of the workings of programming languages, and I now have experience with a range of languages including JavaScript, C#, C++, HTML, and CSS. I am also comfortable using many software packages such as Visual Studio, Microsoft Office and Max/MSP. Check out my programming page for some examples of my development work.

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